Nana in the Blogosphere

This blog was in development at the time that Glenn Close took the mic at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony and made her now-famous speech. That speech, which validated the existence and glory of the “woman of a certain age” resonated with females of all generations who were watching.

Ms. Close gave voice to a feeling that had been under my radar for some time, a feeling that finally surfaced on March 31, 2018, when my little grandson, Sami, was born. The next generation had arrived and I was suddenly cast in a new role.

It is a fascinating thing to think of your son as a father – it is even more fascinating to think of yourself as a grandmother. Introspection takes front and center – I found myself wondering what on earth I had to offer this new little arrival, and as a consequence, what I had to offer the world in general. What has my life meant? What will it mean going forward?

As has so often been pointed out, life is comprised of many chapters. At age sixty, my table of contents is starting to get pretty long. This new chapter, though – the Nana Chapter – promises to be the most interesting yet. At a “certain age” all you’ve done, all you’ve believed, all you’ve cared about comes more sharply into focus.

I believe that all women, even if they aren’t technically grandmothers, at some point reach the Nana Chapter. When you’ve got more years behind you than you have in front of you, the urgency of making those years count – and not just fading into nothingness – starts to build.

This blog seeks to examine this very complex, very rewarding time of life. As women, we’ve worked hard to make it to this point. We have much to offer our grandchildren, our families, our workplaces, our society. Welcome to a beautiful time of life – welcome to The Nana Chapter.