Marcia Adams: Change of Heart

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"Marcia Adams: Change of Heart", produced at WBGU-PBS, aired worldwide on PBS and BBC stations in February and March of 2002. PBS stations in more than 100 U.S. markets carried the program; 150 million Americans viewed the show.The program is a documentary about women and heart disease that also covers the PBS celebrity's heart transplant.LMS chairman Liz Schatzlein's production company, Pugger Productions, co-produced the show with Adams. Liz also wrote and narrated the program.

Expected by her doctors to die during 2001 unless she received a transplant, Adams passionately believes that women should become more aware of the dangers of heart disease, so that they can pursue prevention and early treatment. It is this passion that fueled Adams' participation in "Change of Heart" and in a previous documentary.

Schatzlein is uniquely qualified to address both heart transplantation and the issue of women and heart disease. She covered the early transplants at Fort Wayne's Lutheran Heart Center in 1985, and produced "Transplant 15" - a documentary about the experiences of Lutheran's 15th transplant recipient - in 1986, while working as the evening news anchor at Fort Wayne's CBS affiliate. Subsequently she has written, produced, and hosted a wide variety of programs about transplants and other medical matters, including two documentaries about women and heart disease, for distribution through PBS affiliates.

Schatzlein produced the critically-acclaimed "Understanding" series of health programs, syndicated nationally to PBS stations from PBS-39 in Fort Wayne. Her credits include many other original productions at the station (see Liz's resume).Prior to working with PBS-39, Liz was the evening news anchor at WANE-TV, the Fort Wayne CBS affiliate, where she consistently earned the highest "Q" (recognition plus favorable bias) rating in the market. She has journalism and communications degrees from Purdue University.